Autumn And Winter Fashion Hermes Mini Hermes Replica Handbags Limited Edition Sale

The theme for Hermes Replica Handbags Fall Winter 2013 ad campaign is ‘a sporting life’. Featuring model Iselin Steiro, photographed in a beautiful cold and fresh environment, with snow and mountains. She is hiking from flag to flag, while carrying the latest Hermes f/w ‘Aux sport D’hiver’ scarf around her shoulder to the back. Amazingly, these flags are made from wooden sticks attached to more scarves from the new season.

Hermes Replica Handbags

Then Iselin Steiro is forcing her way through 10cm thick of snow, wearing sporty pants and chic white blouse, I hope her black coat keeps her warm. The Hermes mini Beline bag in orange stands out, is she carrying the new ‘IT’ Prada Replica Handbags?

The Hermes Mini Berline Bag was featured in the spring summer campaign too, available in so-many adorable colors that it would turn your shopping spree button on. It’s one of the sweetest and chic purse I’ve ever seen, embossed with the iconic Hermes closure, the same you will find in the Birkin. The adjustable strap can be removed, shifting your essential from day to night. Accompany it with black pants and white blouse, mirroring the sporting life campaign.